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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

青空の見える丘 – Wrap Up Post

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They said that it’s a light-hearted eroge, and apparently it’s true..

Good to play when theres no good releases on the air.

Good to play when there's no good releases around.

青空の見える丘 (Aozora no Mieru Oka), eroge released by feng at spring 2006. For something light-themed, It’s pretty short, so it’s fit nicely for me as a interlude before something more heavy and serious (read: Concerto Note).

The story setting is simple. You play as Imai Hideki. It’s a week after new term, and your old osananajimi (childhood friend) from the countryside is transferring to your school. What? It’s too cliche? Give them a break. If you want something very original, then the amount of eroge release every year would be reduced by a factor of 100. Well here’s the catch. You already made another osananajimi in the city, so trouble ensues.

Your typical tsundere osananajimi

Your typical tsundere osananajimi

Hayami Iori, or Osananajimi B. Why B, and not A? Well, it’s not a matter of sequence, but something that you can perceive with your own eyes (At least that what Hideki thought..). She used to play tennis at middle-school and very good at it, but now she doesn’t join the club for a reason. Haruna’s arrival made the stability of the relationships between her and Hideki shakes, so it made her feel insecure.

Behind her smile, there is something else..

Behind her smile, there is something else..

Suwa Nonoka, the current president of student council. She always showing smiles in her face and her way of talk is cute for yet another reason. Even if she always smiling it doesn’t mean she is a cheerful girl. Yes, she can even smile when saying something cruel cutely (Am I just contradicting myself?). But Hideki always forgives her, since she is cute. In terms of character, she is similar to Mitsuki from Akane-iro, in which both will be forgiven since she is cute. In terms of story, I think she got the most deep story, despite not being the main heroine. Healing her scar and loneliness will be your mission to succeed.

Size of cup doesn't matter if you got pretty limbs and deep voice like that.

Size of cup doesn't matter if you have pretty limbs and deep voice like her.

Fujimiya Sui, the mysterious underclassman, or not. She is the classmate of Konatsu but her behavior is very adult-like. She is very wise and like to analyze Hideki’s thoughts. Her (might be) relative, Fujimiya Sai, a crossdressing shota appears in Akane-iro, assisting Mikoto in her plot story. Her story is connected with Nonoka, in terms of the incident two years ago but got the lighter weight of the scale. She actually was my favorite heroine until replaced by Nonoka. The reason is, when you got into her route, she became kind of a Nympho, which is very out of character for her. During their first time, they did it like, three times! O_o I’ve never been a fans of multiple, long-winded H-scenes, so I almost clicked off the whole scene. Thus her rank falls.

'I am also one of the osananajimi, don't single me out!'

Nishimura Konatsu, little sister of Haruna, also one of Hideki’s osananajimi. Just like her name, she is a cheerful girl, well a little too cheerful to handle. She arrives a day later after Haruna, and after she did, the first thing she do is to storms Hideki’s room. Later in the school, she also storms his class and rubbing herself in his desk (Not in perverse meaning, mind you). She felt singled out, since aside of Haruna and Iori, she also Hideki’s osananajimi. Supporting her sister became too much for her and she burst into tears. During her route, I decided to be creative and went astray from the walkthrough, resulting a dead end (Yes, dead, not a bad end). I’m pretty sure there are some bad ends in the other route, but I’m too much lazy to scan around.

Hugging and rubbing yourself is not the best way to greet someone after a long time.

Hugging and rubbing yourself to someone is not the best way to greet someone after a long time.

Nishimura Haruna, or Osananajimi C (What, still no A..? Well maybe Konatsu can take that role). The elder sister of the Nishimura sisters. Contradictory to her cheerful sister, Haruna is much more relaxed, if not over-relaxed. Despite her relaxed character, there’s many things going inside those little head of her. For example, at the first day she transferred, Iori offer herself to guide Haruna to the town. But actually, she is already read the whole town guide from long before. And like Iori, she also feel insecure for the existence of another osananajimi beside Hideki. In Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, during Junichi’s date with Nagomi, you can choose to watch ‘Aozora no Mieru Oka’ aside from ‘White Princess’ (featuring Futamata or two-timing. Haven’t tried it yet.) and ‘Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka’ (The forbidden option and actually unselectable) at the cinema. Their impression after watching it is that it become such ‘development’. Then I wonder what kind of development it was. And when I see what kind of development it was, certainly it’s not a common plot development. But then again, I’m not telling you 😛 Hideki got stabbed by his jealous classmate who also likes Haruna and Iori.

But then again, maybe I have just write it off. :b

Unlike Mikoto, she doesnt deliver better story plot for the game.

Unlike what Mikoto did in Akane-iro, she doesn't deliver better story plot for the game.

The omake character is Touka. She is the one Hideki has been sending those email every start of the chapter. She is a miko in the countryside and acts as a older sister of the country-side group.Nothing much to tell about her other than she got this special power which can intrude into people dreams, which makes up for her warped personality.

Final words, they don’t lie when they said it’s light-themed, so don’t expect great things. But it’s an OK game, nice to play when you’re idle on eroges or need something light. Their sequential release, Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka is much more superior so it’s all good. Now that I’ve finished this one, time to start my engines for Concerto Note. XD


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