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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

コンチェルトノート – First Impression

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It’s like playing survivor in a big city, having bad things attracted to you like a magnet, while picking girls on the way. Question, students. Was it a a fortunate or an unfortunate event..?

Ever since I see the CM for this game two months ago, I can’t wait until the release date. Not to mention the puppy-featuring CM, it’s so wrong that it’s so funny. Not that I can explain well why, but I got quite a skill of choosing bad things from good, and those that I think will do wonders (well, on many occasions, not every time). But I sure hope this one would do wonders.

The main character is Kurakami Shinya, transferring mid-season into Amatsuhara Academy by the help of your osananajimi. Why did he transfer at such time? Well, apparently he got hospitalized for three months due pneumonia from falling into a river in winter and got infections cause the river is polluted. Poor chap. On the way to the city, the train stops abruptly resulting him to be caught as a pervert for accidentally touching a woman aboard the train. Yet another unfortunate event. Kannagi Rito, her osananajimi, greets him as he arrived and tell him that hismeant-to-be room dormitory is unusable. Unfortunate you say? Maybe not, because he got to live with Rito and her Maid, Yuuzuki Sayori. Ever since he arrived , he’s been hearing someone’s voices from which he can’t locate the owner. When later that night he awakes and see the owner of the voice, saying that he only have another 10 days to live..

Up until now, this title hasn’t disappoint me. The plot is interesting and maybe somewhat original, featuring a protagonist which got his fortune red in the book, causing havoc running to him like there’s no end to them, enduring and avoiding those bad lucks for the next 10 days if he and Rito want to stay alive.

Kannagi Rito is an interesting main heroine, since she is not in dere-dere mode with our Shinya here. And when she decides to share Shinya’s bad luck with her, she got caught with many incidents, say almost got stray ball thrown to her, wet her uniform from a broken faucet resorting her into PE clothes, losing her mechanical pencil after the it can’t be refilled and broken afterward, Wakana accidentally pour juice into her PE clothes thus she wear normal clothes. Poor girl. On top of that, she is only accessible as the last capturable heroine.

The other character is great too, their VA is good and fit in with their roles. Hiroko Taguchi as Imasato Wakana, Shinya’s former classmate, Miru as Toujou Shirayuki, Kazana as Yuuzuki Sayori the maid, and Sakakibara Yui as Nanagi Seika. Now if only I can get some more extra time playing this.

This game also features tree route system, which you can jump back and forth, should you fullfill the requirements. There’s another thing that I’m not clear about, that is the tool acquiring system. You can acquire some tools or hints as the plot moves forward, but their real use is still unclear for me, not to mention there’s no inventory for things you already got which don’t help me to understand the system.

This is the only thing I got for this month’s release, which simply outshine the other that I don’t bother for anything else. I hope this title will continue to deliver it’s best until the end.

Next month’s highlight will be Sakaagari Hurricane from GIGA. I wish they will deliver something similar to greatness of Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo. Now excuse me while I’m contemplating on Rito as the last heroine. 😛


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