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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Concerto Note – Wrap Up

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'Can you explain why did you mess around with the other girls while I am the main heroine..?'

"Why did you mess around with other girls when I am the main heroine?"

I finally finished this wonderful game. Now to write a post about it.. -_-

There are several reasons why this game is very good. First off, the scenario is well written. Every heroine route have significant meaning for them, peeling off every information necessary to understand the relationships for every character, including the surrounding background. The writings are very detailed and natural, so even if there’s only two weeks in the game time, it’s comparable to months in the other game. Every heroine route got their own set of story, so there’s little to skip around. It would be too lengthy to write everything, so I’m only writing what comes into my mind during writing this post.

Second, the item flag system I mentioned in earlier post. After going through some events, you will acquire some flag items, but these items can only be used in the current and future flow block. But their usage sometimes necessary in the previously visited block. In that matter, you must freed the items first by ending the flow, whether it is heroine ending, normal or bad ending. At first, I didn’t really understand the usage for all these items, since their usage aren’t mentioned explicitly. But they’re mostly used to expand the flow to the other heroine or to escape a bad or normal end. This is why you can’t immediately progress to Rito’s route, since her route needs some flag items which only obtainable from the other heroines. It might turn kind of weird that some character might say ‘Hey, how did you know this’ or ‘How did you obtain that?’, cause you’re not supposed to know or have the thing there. But it’s a creative system, so I’ll let it slide. Moving on to the heroines.

What, I am not the main heroine?

"What, I'm not the main heroine?"


"Then maybe this will fix that problem" 😡

Imasato Wakana, Shinya’s former classmate in his old school, to be reunited again in the new school. Talk about fate. Wakana is a veteran when it comes to transferring schools, since she had always done it ever since she was small. Looking at Shinya and Rito’s relationship, she feels a little jealous, since she doesn’t have any close friend, or childhood friend in that manner. She is the athletic type, since she can blend with the others at her new environment by joining sport club. She is currently joining the softball club, where she positioned as the pitcher. But seeing her unmotivated teammates, she lost the will to partake too.

Even though you're not the main heroine, you won the award for the best night attire.

Even though you're not the main heroine, but your night attire is first class.

Some mentionable highlight in her route is the softball match between Shinya-Wakana vs Rito-Seika. The writer sure put his might writing those detailed lines. The others are the investigation of peeping-tom and girls uniform thief.

Is there anyone cold-hearted enough to lay her off your front door?

Is there anyone cold-hearted enough to lay her off your front door?

Next one is Toujo Shirayuki. She is Shinya’s underclassman. The first time you meet her in the shopping area, her purse is stolen by a thief, which later you retrieved back. The next meeting is when Tama forced you to save her from falling tree branch. Seeing her bad luck, Rito convinced her to join them and to stay together in the Moonlight Pavilion. Together, all of them create a volunteer club in order to disguise their activity to solve cases, giving help and support in order to collect luck from many people.

Sweet little girl is sweet

Little Blue Riding Hood

She takes part in school festival as Shinya’s assistant. Shinya is very good with his fingers, so he can perform many magic tricks. Because she is clumsy, she got a hard time training but she finally able to perform well during the festival. Apparently, the reason why her luck is bad is to keep her heart compatibility which is a transplant intact, gotten from her childhood friend. She’s always been told that she only had ten years to live, but she managed to live more than the expectation because she pays her health with her luck. So when Shinya unknowingly accepts Tama’s proposal to lift her bad luck off her, her heart goes haywire as well. Thus Shinya goes against all odds in order to be reunited with Shirayuki once again, and never to be broken apart again.

Yes, I am the true criminal

"Yes, I'm the true criminal", yeah right..

Yuuzuki Sayori, the maid assisting Rito keeping things in order at the Moonlight Pavilion. I don’t really understand how the writer wants to describe her. Sometimes, she is portrayed as a stoic character, but sometimes not. Then again, her route is the weakest of all heroines. So maybe the writer didn’t put his all his mind for her.

Shinya is stupid to even forgot Yuu-neechan's face and fullname.

Shinya is stupid to even forgot Yuu-neechan's face and fullname.

During her route, Shinya remembers in her dream of childhood of an elder sister character which always helped and taught him many things. He only remember him calling her by the name of Yuu-neechan. When Shinya trying to ask her about the truth, she always denies him. Her behavior is explained because she actually wanted for Shinya and Rito to be together. While serving Rito after she was dismissed from her old job due to restructuring, she finds out that Rito is talking about Shinya in a cheerful way, different from her usual expression. That’s why she decides to be the matchmaker for both of them. Unfortunately for her, Shinya is more interested with her than Rito herself.

Beauty, strong, and smart council president.

Beauty, strong, and smart council president.

Nanagi Seika, the current president council of Amatsuhara Private Academy. She is the only remaining member of the Nanagi family, after Kannagi family ‘absorb’ Nanagi family’s wealth and power. This is one of the reason she is in bad terms with Rito. But actually, even though both of them didn’t admit it, they trust the capabilities of each others, shown in the softball match in Wakana’s route. Seika intends to crush the Kanagi family who has taken everything away from her. She knows that in old times, Kannagi family used to hold bloody ceremonies sacraficing people to grant them fortune.

Have I said that she is also hates to lose?

Have I said that she is also hates to lose?

In one situation, she accidentally burn her own room in the dormitory, so Rito invites her to stay in the Moonlight Pavilion. Because of this accident, many teachers who sided with the Kannagi family tried to drive her out from the school and strip her scholarship.


Girls fight is always as fierce as ever.

Then in order to straighten things out, Rito and Seika agreed to hold the student fighting tournament in condition if Seika wins, Rito will hand her the key to the old well that might keep the Kannagi forbidden secrets.

They are not in the middle of lovers suicide

For your information, they are not in the middle of lovers suicide

Kannagi Rito, the chairman of Amatsuhara Private Academy. She inherited the title from Seika’s grandfather which acts as her guardian after she broke her relationship withthe Kannagi family. Ever since a little girl, she is very wise and calculative in her every action. But meeting Shinya has changed something within her heart.

Tama is the short for Sakimitama

Tama is the short for Sakimitama.

Later on her route, she is about to be kidnapped by some unknown people. In his frustration of him unable to help her, he ask Tama to stop the car the kidnapper riding with a big payment after. Soon after Shinya rescued her with the help of Youta and Kenichi, both of them falls into a crevice of an underground bomb shelter. After trapped within for two days, they finally able to get out safely.

During their absence in school, rumors floating around that they’re doing some kinky stuff. This eventually lead to both of them really getting on each other.

Mister Contest, one of the student council program.

Mister Contest, one of the student council program.

Later that night, Shinya overhears about Rito being a Kenki, or someone who is able to see through many things, thus able to reason much better than any average person. Unfortunately, this skill of hers is used by the Kannagi family to destroy their enemies by acquisiting their wealth. She realized this when Shinya’s father got fired by his company because it’s destroyed by the Kannagis. Since then she broke off her relationship with her family and swore to destroy the Kannagi family using the same way.


Why Mya-chan did not get her own route.. 😦

Then the end of the month comes and the time comes for Tama to say goodbye. But apparently things aren’t going to end as smooth as it should be, because Rito sense that the payment for their bad luck is still not enough and the news of accident in the whole town getting more and more frequent. Not long, the Moonlight Pavilion is engulfed in fire, resulting Rito unconcsious after telling Shinya to find Tama and ask for the whole answer.


Where should I sign to receive a childhood friend..? 😦

After meeting Tama in the deserted shrine, Shinya finds out the truth abut Tama, the reason of his bad-luck ridden body, and why the town is meeting calamities one-by-one. After overcoming all the problems, they finally able to set things straight once and for all, provided you already finish the other heroines route. If not, there’s a very bad normal ending waiting for you.

There are several details that I don’t get because when they start explaining things and talking cryptic, I lose it. But it’s a very good game with high production value. So don’t miss this one.



  1. I admire your ability to stick with one eroge at a time and completing it entirely since I absolutely fail at it. I knew Concerto Note was not going to be all fun and games but I didn’t expect it to be this dark. I’ve only reached toward Wakana’s realization of Tama and I am having trouble paying attention. I think there is something about the style of writing that is making my attention drift off. Either that, or I’m still reading exposition and that is not exactly the most thrilling to read.

    Comment by m3rryweather — Thursday, November 6, 2008 @ 00:05

  2. Heheh, I understand your feelings. That’s why I’m very picky about things that I want to play. Since I’m quite the scatterbrain, if I’m trying to playing different things at the same time, I lost track of all of them. Playing one thing and stick to it till the end is my way to let myself believe that the things that I choose to play is good things, unless if it’s very horrible then I’ll drop it off the next moment. And somehow, moe things is starting to wear off from me.
    Ever since watching the CM I know that it has something dark within it, and since I like drama and tragedy, I got this irrepressible surge to play it.
    About the writing style, I don’t know about you, but I think it fits me quite well. Unless of course, when they explaining things beyond my comprehension, I lost it as well.

    Comment by Kresnik — Thursday, November 6, 2008 @ 00:40

  3. Errr, the CM you’re talking about is not the one with the puppy right? Cause unless you find the puppy dark and menacing, than I have no clue what you are talking about. 0_o

    Comment by m3rryweather — Thursday, November 6, 2008 @ 02:13

  4. Yeah, of course not. The puppy is cute. lol
    For instance, this one

    Comment by Kresnik — Thursday, November 6, 2008 @ 03:09

  5. Ah. I just started on Concerto Note too and I agree it’s probably the game of the month. Some of the talking has gone over my head though. Doesn’t seem like there’s any good releases this month, so I’ll take my time with this one.

    Comment by Micchi — Saturday, November 8, 2008 @ 04:23

  6. Very nice vidps3atxvipx

    Comment by larlCrymn — Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 02:20

  7. i need help with rito route you can help me pls?

    Comment by ariza231 — Wednesday, April 11, 2012 @ 03:02

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