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Monday, November 24, 2008

Kamipani! Ended, Finally!

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Yeah, you will be in pain for a long time

Yeah, you will be in pain for a long time

Abandon all hope upon playing this eroge!
Kamipani! is a title released by Clochette-Soft in spring 2008. Occupied with other things, I got late playing this one. Despite some bad words around, somehow I started playing it. Little I know those rumors were true. To put it short let’s start with heroine’s introduction.

Even I had lost all word to caption this single pic

Even I had lost all word to caption this single pic

Mitsurugi Nonoka
She is the priestess of the Mitsurugi Shrine and a senior at the school. Despite being older, she is rather clumsy and slow in her head. But as if to compensate it, she got a rather large baggage breast, which she despises since it is oversized. Her story might be the most shallow of all, but surprisingly the writer have slipped a card in her sleeve. Mitsurugi bloodline is blessed by the gods because it came from the union of a god and a human. Therefore, she is immune to the divine punishment of the gods and will be a great force for the final confrontation.

Attention all! Avoid bad games like they are plague!

Attention all! Avoid bad games like they are plague!

Kuujou Amane
She is the president of the student council. Just like her position, she is quite a stuck up person. Surprisingly, even though she is very supportive for others romance problems, apparently she didn’t really understand it herself. Tomoyuki need a great patience in order to win her heart. I’ve said that she is supportive, but it may be better to say that she put her neck forcibly into someone other problems.That certainly is not a good point in my books.

Anyone feeling happy being stepped down? You sicko!

Anyone feeling happy being stepped down? You sicko!

Kahara Mizuki
She is Tomoyuki’s little sister. Yeah once again, there’s incest mixed in my playlist. But compared to Akasaka (Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka if you don’t get it), this particular one isn’t as impressive as the former. She is very violent toward his brother, which is more natural than her dere-dere side. But I can’t find a proper reason for her to like her brother enough to create an incest. Her reason to be emo toward Tomoyuki is because he makes her suffered from a false accusation while himself didn’t remember any bits of it. Later on when she learns the truth, she finally able to accept it.

Help, a girl stalker is coming from my windows!

Help, a girl stalker is coming from my windows!

Katase Megumi
Meet yet another childhood friend. She comes in from your window, cooks your meal and cleans your house. Now, I suppose that everyone is familiar enough to recognize this kind of personality. She is also the sub-main heroine. I called her that not just because she is second to Koyori, but because she is the real troublemaker for the real story. Not to mention that her story overlaps with that of Koyori, which makes me go on a rage when they repeating things already mentioned in her route. So let’s just skip her and go on to the last one.

What you are going to do will change the global weather equilibrium. So please stop it!

What you are going to do will change the global weather equilibrium. So please stop it!

Man A: Amaizumimoriamekoyorinomikoto.
Man B: … What?

Man A: Amaizumimoriamekoyorinomikoto.
Man B: Can you repeat that again?

Man A: Amaizumimoriamekoyorinomikoto.
Man B: OK, once again please? I’ll get it next time.

Man A: Amaizumimoriamekoyorinomikoto.
Man B: Amaizumimoriamekoyorinomikoto, yes I got it this time.

Man A: Now for the second one.
Man B: Second one? Nobody told me about this.

Man A: Kotosakakurayamatsuminomikoto.
Man B: Ugh, come again?

Well that was probably the self-to-self dialogue which going on inside my head. Japanese people sure loves their gods names to be long. Fortunately for the sake of our minds, they made it into ‘Koyori’ for short.

Koyori is the land protector of Amami island for the specific side of her trait as a god. Or that was how it supposed to be, since she is falsely blamed and sealed away and replaced by a substitute god (cookies for you if you know the replacement god’s name).

I’m already tired for pushing myself to finally finish this so I’m going to make this short. In order to protect both Tomoyuki and Megumi, she is forced to use most of her power to weaken the effects of the oath they made to the substitute god. Thus she is locked away in her shrine, that is until the Torii which functions as the border gate between human and god’s realm is struck by lightning, making it’s possible for her to go out once again.

Everything goes well, until Tomoyuki fell for her, thus once again activating the oath effects once again. Having the oath effects activating, Koyori finds herself powerless to protect bot Tomoyuki and Megumi. So as the final resort, she gave in to the substitute god and remove herself from the human world, along with everyone’s memories of her.

What it's only 75% from the end?

What it's only 75%-way through?

Of course Tomoyuki refused to accept it and desperately finds a way to free Koyori from her prison. Looking for clues behind the mystery of his missing memories, he finally reaaches out for the truth. Shortly speaking, with the help from Nonoka he finally able to overcome the substitute god and free Koyori.

Impregnating a god? I wonder what is they have in store for us next time?

Impregnating a god? I wonder what is they have in store for us next time?

Years later, Tomoyuki still lives in Amami while everyone has gone to other places. The ones remaining are him and Nonoka, as well Koyori, which already become his wife and his infant boy (or was it a girl? And don’t ask me how a god can give birth).

Some real divine punishment for my computer

Some real divine punishment for my computer

It’s very tiring playing this game, because it utilize the ‘heroines selection’ system. The system is far from perfection, nor from the side of effectiveness, since it made each scenario longer by 50% ratio. To make it worse, there are lots of repetitions inside, which comes to the worst when 50% content of Megumi’s scenario is copy-pasted into Koyori’s. I’m ven’t even agreed with the h-scenes where it spans over 5 to 10 minutes worth if you read the all, rsorting me to scroll my mouse in rage to went over it. So why am I hanging around till the end? Ask my stubborness for the answer. And this time my judgement fails me. Too bad for the company, since their first game comes out like that and I’m not impressedwith it.

Enough bickering from myself, I’m going to excuse myself from huge load of text reading next time, and instead may make my fingers sore from clicking keyboard or joystick.



  1. Hmm. That doesn’t sound very flattering. You might just have made me think twice about this one.

    Comment by Hemisphere — Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 04:53

  2. Yeah, I’m not praising it at all. There are some strong points of this, but they’re blurred away by the weak points. I just felt responsible to finish things that I started. But I suggest you to finish it, that way it will get off your shoulder forever.

    Eternal Kingdom which I played now is worse than this one. Flat storyline, flat characters, some of the seiyuu is sucks, but at least hacking through enemies is a pleasant experience after long stress, and it is short enough to keep me occupied before raveling some serious tragedy again :D.

    Comment by Kresnik — Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 05:08

  3. Yeah, I didn’t like the whole “You gotta finish these three routes before you can see the real story” deal. Especially when Nonoka and Mizuki routes were pretty weak. I did really like the Amane route though! I hope Clochette improves the next title, I’m forgiving them since it is their first try. 😛

    Comment by Zakarum — Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 12:22

  4. I wasn’t really interested in Kamipani to begin with so it’s not that big a deal for me. Though I enjoy the heroine selection system since it offers more character development if I do like the heroines but it appears to me that they are less than desirable from this game in your opinion.

    Comment by m3rryweather — Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 17:51

  5. Amane is awesome. I wouldn’t quite call her tsundere, I don’t exactly know how to classify that piece of work. She’s like half osananajimi too.

    Like house-trained osananajimis? Vote Megumi! (okay she’s not bad either)

    Like boring pseudo-mikos with huge boobs? Vote Nonoka!
    Like INCEST? Real incest? Vote Mizuki!
    Lolipedo? Vote Koyori! (blame Mizuki for that one)

    Comment by Zakarum — Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 22:01

  6. lol lolipedo @_@ yes… Mizuki @_@…. hmmm but for me and its incest….. I will still dare say HOT IMOUTO IS HOT YAY MINATO!!!! @_@ seriously tsundere imouto…. <_< it aint my cup of tea

    Comment by Algester — Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 22:39

  7. @Zakarum: If used correctly, the route barrier system is very good. Especially if for every prerequisite route opens up new perspective toward the true mystery. This is what simple moe-moe story will fail miserably if they try to utilize it. While it works wonder in tragedy-drama centric story.

    This game simply fails for its plot over-repetition, but character-wise and everything else, they’re just OK.

    Comment by Kresnik — Tuesday, November 25, 2008 @ 02:35

  8. Yeah it’s just I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to have to play every route in a game 😦 I just don’t have the time. I usually finish 1-3 routes or so. In fact I’ve gone so far as to get save data just so that all routes are unlocked so I can get the ones I want and move along.

    Comment by Zakarum — Tuesday, November 25, 2008 @ 07:06

  9. I just Ctrl-ed my way through the common route and grabbed every heroine’s route that way. There appear to be no differences.

    You need to play the routes to really understand what goes on in Megumi’s and Koyori’s routes, but I guess if you really want you could grab a savefile and play Megumi’s route, which is the best of the game.

    Comment by Newprimus — Tuesday, November 25, 2008 @ 18:23

  10. maybe not quite the best but its quite the longest of all arcs more than koyori’s by 10 scenes i think <_< yes gods too give birth to half immortal children <_< only happens in games though not sure about myths

    Comment by Algester — Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ 22:21

  11. I guess they mistakenly made this game not for one continuous playthrough. Maybe it need three separate playthrough, each with break: (Nonoka, Mizuki, Amane) – break – (Megumi) – break – (Koyori), in order to play everything without going on a rage.

    Comment by Kresnik — Thursday, November 27, 2008 @ 02:41

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